Free Stuff to do in Utah Valley This Weekend

It seems like the 4th of July is kicking off early this year with tons of fun stuff to do this weekend. If you’re looking for a way to get out with your family on the cheap, check out some of the stuff going on in the Valley this weekend:

The Elk Ridge City Celebration

Hey, we might be biased: We love Elk Ridge so much we have several communities there. And you’ll see why when you check out the city celebration this weekend. Kicking off with a parade and hoedown on Friday the 27th, along with a free movie in the park at 9:30 (bring blankets!) you can continue the fun with a huge craft fair, petting zoo and bouncy houses on Saturday.

Click here for more information.

Elk Ridge Car Show

If you’re a car buff, make sure you stop by the Elk Ridge Car Show on Saturday the 28th. Elk Ridge-ians love their classic cars, so you’ll see a ton of a variety and check out out some of the best rides in the city.

Arive Homes Model Grand Opening

As long as you’re in Elk Ridge, stop by and see us at the Model Home Grand Opening. Our Parade home is now open to the public, so feel free to stop by from 11 am to 2 pm on Saturday for food, games, prizes and to satisfy your curiosity about our award-winning home.

Click here for more information.

Freedom Festival Kickoff in Provo

It’s Provo’s biggest celebration, so kick things off with the Children’s Parade at 10:30 am on Saturday morning. You can also check out the Stadium of Fire Talent Competition and a party at Riverwoods, starting at 4 pm.

Of course, the real Provo festivities will start next week, with the Freedom Festival and The Stadium of Fire.

Do you have any events to share? Comment or feel free to message us on our Facebook page: We’d love to spread the word!


Model Home Grand Opening in Elk Ridge

Grand Opening -Elk Ridge Model- 688 Sky Hawk Way

Awesome news: Our model home in Elk Ridge will be officially open for business this Saturday, June 28th from 11:00 am to 2:00 pm. Come over to check out the home, eat some treats and maybe even win a prize. Click the link above for more information and we’d love to see you there!

10 Home Hacks for Organizing Life with Kids

Hey, we love our kids. The mess and chaos that they leave behind? Not so much. Luckily, there are a few simple ways you can organize your home, even when Hurricane Child blows through the kitchen. Here are some of of our fave ways to stay on top of the mess and retain some semblance of organization – at least most of the time.

1. The Snack Box

pantry kids snack basket


We don’t know about you, but we hear the words “I’m hungry!” at  least 27 times each day. That’s where the snack box comes in handy. Grab a box for the fridge and one of the pantry, and then fill them with healthy, filling snacks (we love string cheese, granola bars and crackers). It puts the control into your kids’ hands, so no more whining or digging through the cupboards.

2. Elastic Door Hack



Tired of kids slamming their doors (and waking up younger babies and toddlers?) Try this simple hack: Twist a rubber band from one side of the doorknob to the other, crossing over the latch. The band will hold the latch down so doors close more quietly. Naps for everyone!

3. Magnetic Cups



Washing cups all day long is pretty much par for the course when you’re home with thirsty kids. But you can save the effort (and water!) by grabbing some cheap cups and sticking on magnets. Kids now have cups that stick to the fridge so they can use the same one all day long.

4. Play Wallet 



Our kids love getting into our wallets, which makes a mess and causes panic when the Visa goes missing. Deter thieving kids by making up their own play wallet: Save up old store loyalty cards or fake credit cards from your junk mail, add a few crayons and a small notepad and you have a few minutes of blissful quiet while your wallet stays safely in your purse.

5. The Boring Box



“I’m bored!” It’s the two words parents dread the most. Get rid of the boredom blues by heading to the dollar store and picking up craft supplies, small toys, games and puzzles. Put them into a box and then add a list of play suggestions. The next time one of your kids utters the ‘B’ word, pull out the box and let ’em go to town.

6. The Sock Bag



Missing, stinky socks: They’re a fact of life for parents ever. Make sure socks find their match by ditching the sock drawer for two sock bags. Use one mesh laundry bag for clean socks and one for dirty. Then, when the dirty bag is full, toss the entire thing in the wash and it becomes the clean bag. So simple and no more sorting!

7. Ice Cube Jewelry Holder



Parents of little girls know that accessories are where it’s at. Of course, accessories are also what’s sucked up by the vacuum cleaner, so keep them organized with an ice cube tray. Girls can arrange and rearrange their rings, earrings and necklaces to their heart’s content.

8. Homework Center 




Tired of all the books, papers, permission slips and backpacks all over the place? Create a central place for kids to dump all of their school stuff so you can sort through it as soon as it comes in the house. A filing rack, garbage can and a few hooks are all you need to stay uber-organized during the school year.

9. Sports Storage 



If your family is the sports family, you know that getting all of that gear together and out the door can seem like a miracle each time there’s a practice. Stay organized by labeling wire baskets for each child and sport. When you come through the door, the gear gets dumped into the basket, where it can be easily found the next time.

10. Mason Jar Organizers



The bathroom is the one room no one wants to clean: It seems like it’s always disorganized and messy. Get a leg up on the clutter by designating a mason jar for each child. They’re cheap and easy to decorate. Then, you know exactly which child is responsible for the toothpaste left out or the toothbrush on the sink. Hey, we’re all about chore delegation!

Okay, so chances are that if you have kids, your house is going to be disorganized and messy from time to time. But with a few genius solutions, it doesn’t have to drive you completely insane.

Of course, we think that the fingerprints on the fridge and the toys in the bathtub just mean you’re doing a really great job.

The 2014 Utah Valley Parade of Homes Draws to a Close

The 2014 Utah Valley Parade of Homes is officially over, and for us, it’s been a complete whirlwind.

From submitting our entry to working feverishly to make sure it was done in time, there were countless hands that pitched in and helped out to ensure that our home was a winner.

We wanted to take a moment to say thank you to everyone who participated, put in extra time and worked as a team to make this project top priority. We really do work with the best designers, contractors and subcontractors in the valley, and are happy to share this honor with them. We think the quality of their work really does speak for itself.

You can also see a complete list of Parade winners here.

Can’t wait to see what’s next!

Top 10 Interior Design Trends from the 2014 Utah Valley Parade of Homes

We’ve had a chance to check out some of the other entries in the 2014 Utah Valley Parade of Homes, and we can safely say that this year’s collection of building and design teams are some of the best. Walking through each unique home gave us tons of ideas and inspiration: One of the reasons we love the Parade each year.

Of course, whether you’re planning on building or you’re just looking for ways to spruce up your nest, a few clear interior design trends emerged from this year’s crop of homes. Use these ideas to freshen up your home, or bring them with you when you meet with our interior design team to nail your perfect look.

1. Textured Wallpaper


Hey, this ain’t your Grandma’s wallpaper. And while you might think of the ’70s when you imagine all-over wall coverings, the 2014 version is much more modern. We love the way this textured barnwood paper turned out in this charming girl’s room. The trick to making wallpaper modern? Choose a light, subtle pattern and use it one or two feature walls.

2. Bold Florals


A positively inspired way to add a pop of color to a room, florals add a bright touch to an otherwise neutral palette. These chairs work because the pattern is oversized and graphic, so it makes a bold statement. We love the way they brighten up this room (Added bonus? The fabric is easy to keep clean and hides “everyday life” well).

3. Pop of Coral


If there was an “it” color for this year’s Parade, it would be a toss-up between coral and turquoise. Bright and unexpected, it pairs perfectly with your favorite neutrals. We were pleasantly surprised to the reaction toward our bright, melon-hued front door. One visitor even said that she knew our home would be a good one based on the curb appeal alone. What better way to start off a home tour?

4. Text Accents 


Accessories are what really makes a house a home and we’re obsessed with text accents this year: Placed around your home, they serve as reminders to your family and just happen to look amazing, too. Throw pillows, coasters, light-up marquees and plaques are all big this year (and super easy to find at your favorite home decor store).

5. Feature Backsplash


The kitchen is the anchor of every home we design, so it’s not surprising that our Parade home kitchen had to be something special. Covering the entire backsplash with a complicated pattern might be too busy (especially for a more moderately-sized kitchen), but we love the way this feature backsplash turned out. It gives the kitchen the perfect focal point for maximum impact and just enough personality.

6. Craft Rooms


Who wouldn’t want a dedicated space to house all of that stuff that makes you feel like Martha? From scrapbooking to sewing, craft rooms were a big deal this year at the Parade.

Of course, we aren’t all lucky enough to have an entire room set aside for crafting. Luckily, a creative solution might be enough to get your creative juices flowing when you combine a space-saving laundry room with smart storage. Hey, crafting while washing your whites? We’d say that’s killing two birds with one (decoupaged) stone.

7. Sliding Barn Doors


The best thing about swapping traditional doors for a sliding barn door design? It works with just about any home style. From rustic to modern, they look completely at-home with a variety of elements – they can even save space for a more open feel.

8. Industrial Fixtures


This fixture caused a stir in the bathroom, and we loved the feedback we got: Mostly from visitors asking where we got it! Industrial lighting is a simple way to add a little something special to a room. Your home doesn’t need to have an industrial flair to make these work: They look completely at home in a contemporary or even vintage design.

9. Freestanding Tubs


Who wouldn’t want to slide into this bath for a soak (and enjoy the view!) Large, jetted tubs are being replaced with vintage-style freestanding tubs, which add a note of style and allow for a freestanding shower as well. Clean lines and a lack of clutter make this tub a total end-of-day oasis.

10. Light and Bright


If this year’s Parade had a theme, it would definitely be “light and bright.” Designs showcased natural lighting, while cabinets, paint and flooring choices made each space look bright and spacious. High ceilings and amazing fixtures create an airy kitchen and dining area that is practically begging for breakfast– sunny-side up, of course.

We loved seeing the different design elements all come together to create a cohesive look with plenty of personality. And we were in awe of some of the amazing ideas we saw when walking through some of the other homes too. Congrats to all of the designers who showcased their work!

That’s it for our favorite trends. What design elements did you notice when you were walking through the homes?

(Photos courtesy of the 2014 Utah Valley Parade of Homes and @hiyapapayamommy)



Arive Homes Virtual Utah Valley Parade of Homes Tour

We know that not everyone can make it out to see our award-winning entry in the 2014 Utah Valley Parade of Homes this week, but don’t worry! The Parade Facebook page has posted an amazing virtual tour with all of the details and pictures.

Click here to see the amazing home (the McKinley, designed by our own Justin Curtis), with showstopping interior design (by our in-house interior designer Kelly Heaps).


While visiting the Parade home a few days ago, we overheard a young couple talking about how they could imagine gathering for a holiday dinner around the table, or getting their kids ready for school in the bright mudroom.

To builders like us, the best compliment isn’t receiving an award for our work – it’s hearing that real families can see themselves living and making memories in our homes.

Take a peek and see if you can see yourself there, too.