8 Reasons We Love Elk Ridge

There’s a reason we have two communities in Elk Ridge: We can’t get enough of the small town feel on the south end of Utah Valley. Nestled on the bench just above Salem, our Elk Ridge communities get the best of both worlds: Quiet, family-centered living that is still close enough to the amenities in Payson, Spanish Fork and Provo. Check out some of our other favorite things about Elk Ridge:

1. The Neighbors

Young families, retired couples: You get it all in Elk Ridge. And while their makeup might vary, the neighbors in Elk Ridge look out for each other. Don’t be surprised if you notice people waving at you as you drive up the road!

2. Small Town Atmosphere

With just over 2,000 residents (and growing!) Elk Ridge has managed to maintain a safe, small town feel that we love.

3. The Views

Overlooking Utah Valley and Utah Lake to the north and Mt. Loafer and Mt. Nebo to the south, it’s virtually impossible to have a bad view in Elk Ridge. And residents know the sunsets over West Mountain are legendary.

4. The Wildlife

Sure, we all complain when the deer eat our prize roses, but how can you not love the variety of wildlife in Elk Ridge? Watch for the herd of elk making their yearly winter trek down the mountain.

5. Recreation

There’s tons of stuff to do in Elk Ridge: From hiking to Big Tree to running the track, or playing baseball with your family. The city also features a park with pavilion, along with a tennis, basketball and volleyball court.

6. Schools

While Elk Ridge doesn’t have its own school, it’s close to Salem Hills High, Mt. Loafer Elementary, Foothills Elementary and American Preparatory Academy, giving the residents tons of choice and access to amazing education.

7. The City Celebration

Each year, the city holds its annual celebration, complete with festivals, dinner with the mayor, a parade and even an outdoor movie. We love the chance to get out and socialize with our neighbors – and our kids love the petting zoo!

8. Four Wheelers

Love ’em or hate ’em, in Elk Ridge, four wheelers are one of the beauties of living in a smaller town. It’s pretty common to see kids and adults like enjoying some of the off-road trails above Elk Ridge on their ATVs.

Want to learn more about this amazing city? Check out our available Elk Ridge communities here.


4 Secret Benefits of Buying a New Home


It’s the age-old question: Should you buy an existing home or go for something new? You’ve probably even heard some of the same old arguments, like how new homes have less maintenance. But building new isn’t just about cutting down on repair and renovation costs. In fact, you might be missing some of the secret benefits you score by going with new construction. Check ’em out here:

1. Building a New Community

New homes are often built in new communities, right? Well, it makes for the perfect opportunity for your family to help establish a new neighborhood. Block parties, play groups and BBQs? It’s all you. There’s something to be said for the experience of establishing yourself (and your family) in a brand-new community.

2. Tax Benefits

Ask your accountant about some of the tax benefits of buying a new home versus purchasing an older one. There are tax breaks available for greener appliances, loan interest and more, so building a new home might actually reduce stress come tax time.

3. Energy Efficiency 

Speaking of greener appliances, there’s one area where new construction has existing homes beat: Energy efficiency. Everything from new insulation to windows means your new home costs less to run when compared to an older, less-efficient home.

4. Modernization

The truth is that we simply don’t live and entertain the way we used to. While older homes often have fewer, smaller rooms, our new open floor plans mean plenty of room for entertaining and living with your family. There’s definitely something to be said for a more modern home that matches your more modern lifestyle.

So, if you’re still on the fence on your home purchase – old or new? – keep in mind that not all of the pros and cons are so easy to see. Instead, it’s the smaller, more hidden benefits that could be the factors that sway you to make a decision.