Benefits of New Development in Your Community

We totally get when city and town residents have trepidation toward new development: It means change, new people and things will probably get a little dusty. But while you might have a few concerns about new real estate development where you live, it’s ultimately an awesome thing for the community on the whole. By driving growth and revenue to your town, new development means a better city for everyone. Here are some of the other benefits you can expect:

1) Job Growth

New real estate development often means job opportunities for people right in your own backyard. Home construction companies require contractors and sub-contractors and often hire from a pool of professionals who know the area best: Your neighbors. 

2) Recreational Facilities

Cities and towns often require that new developers include recreational facilities as part of their urban planning, which means current residents reap the benefits of new parks and facilities. 

3) Community Funding and Revenue

Developers pay taxes and impact fees to develop in a particular city, and those funds go toward everything from mitigating utility costs to paying for community programs. 

4) More Efficient Properties

The efficiency guidelines developers use to build new neighborhoods today are vastly different from the guidelines from 20 and even 10 years ago. Housing is much more green and efficient now, thanks to regulations for building materials. Everyone benefits from cleaner, more efficient housing. 

5) New Amenities

From better biking paths to more cultivated green space, these are just some of the amenities you can often expect with new development. Developers are working to create communities — not just neighborhoods, which often means amenities that the whole town can enjoy.

Change can be hard, but we know that the right developer paired with awesome homeowners mean that new development can make your town a better, more unified place. 


Virtual Tour!

We don’t know about you, but checking out the latest floor plans and finishes is kind of a guilty pleasure, so we don’t mind if you do a little window shopping. 

We’re swooning over the upgraded counter tops and bright spaces in this recently finished house. See it for yourself — who knows? It might give you a few ideas of your own! 

3 Tips for Communicating with Your Home Builder

Homeowners are what makes our business go ’round, so it’s not surprising that when working with new clients, we often hear the good, the bad and the ugly when it comes to their past experiences with construction companies. And we’re convinced that much of homeowner-builder conflict could be solved with a little extra attention to communication.

When one or both parties are frustrated, it shows through in the quality of their interactions. Unfortunately, poor communication can result in a less-than-ideal relationship and not being able to verbalize exactly what you want. Start here to make sure you’re properly communicating with your home builder – and we’ll make sure to do the same.

1. Decide on a Method

Are you the kind of person who likes to talk face-to-face? Or are you more of an emailer? Before your project starts, decide on a method of communication between you and your builder. Be clear about how you’d like to talk and how often you’ll meet to make sure you get the chance to communicate in the way you feel most comfortable.

2. Get Status Updates 

We think that one of the most common complaints in new home construction is simply not communicating enough. We all have a lot invested in a project, so it can be frustrated if you don’t know what’s going on. Schedule regular status updates according to your comfort level: A weekly email or bi-weekly in-person meeting can help you stay an active participant in the project.

3. Speak Up!

Don’t make the mistake of staying quiet on issues that are important to you. If you really hate the paint color that was originally chosen, say something. We’d much rather get it right the first time than to have a homeowner who was less than thrilled at the end of the project. So, speak up: Ask tons of questions and tell us what you’re thinking to create the best possible partnership and ultimately, end product.

Back to School Organization Tips

If your kids are like ours, they zipped up their backpacks, tied their new shoes and headed off to their first day of school today. And while we don’t mind the quiet that has taken over our summer-ravaged houses, we DO mind the mess that can come along with daily school grind. 

Of course, a well-organized home (and a professional housekeeper/nanny) would help, but for now, we’re on the hunt for ways to cut down on clutter while streamlining the morning routine – if only for the first week of school. Here are some excellent ways to keep busy (and get a head start on organization) until your little ones head home: 

Create a Homework Caddy (cut down on pencil shavings in the dining room and hearing “MOM! Where are my markers?!”)

Assemble Post-School Snacks (because we all know kids come home starving).

Store All of Those Papers That Come Home in Homework Folders (and don’t feel guilty that they aren’t all displayed on the fridge).

Make These Simple Hanger Dividers (Goodbye, morning meltdowns!)

Save on Those Pricey School Supplies (because you probably have six boxes of crayons, anyway). 

Now quick! Organize while your kids are playing kickball and brushing up on their multiplication tables. Because before you know it, your home will be alive with noise and shouts of “I’m hungry!” in no time.

(And don’t forget to check out our kid-friendly home designs here). 

Top 5 Resources for New Construction

What was the name of that paint you bought? Remember that room layout you saw online? Hey, we’ve had our share of late nights searching, finding and then trying to remember interior ideas, home design tips, favorite floor plans and supply purchases.

So, what’s a homeowner to do? Never fear: You might be stuck for ideas or forget your fave paint color, but we have you covered. Check out these websites and apps to make the home building process easier.

Houzz (Site and App)

Have you ever checked out Houzz? It’s the Web’s largest database of design ideas. Consider it Pinterest for homeowners: You can browse through pictures based on style and room and then save your faves to your profile. Then, when you meet with our designers, you’re prepped with some ideas and inspiration.

The Utah Valley Parade of Homes Website

If you were part of the amazing UV Parade this year, you know there were tons of ideas to be had. And, in case you didn’t take pictures, you can look up all the entries on the UV Parade website for instant recall.

Apartment Therapy

Sure, it’s a site about New York-style apartment living, but this site has tons of brilliant solutions for smaller spaces, organization and design. We love their hacks for every day objects and simple ways to streamline your stuff.


If you can’t remember what you bought or need to keep receipts for home-related purchases, download the ShoeBoxed app, available for iOS and Android. You can scan your receipts and it’ll save your information, the names of the products and running totals of what you’ve spent.

The Arive Website

Of course we have to mention our own site. There, you’ll find ideas for home layouts and customizations, as well as walk-throughs for some of our most popular models.

Getting organized can go a long way in making the building process as stress-free as possible. And we’re just as excited about your design ideas and inspiration as you are, so we can’t wait to work with you – loose receipts, paint colors and all.

Arive Mailbox: The Interior Design Process

We strive to make every step of the new construction process simple, streamlined and stress-free for our homeowners — but we also want them to have fun! Check out these sweet words that some homeowners had for our interior designer:

Thank you for all of the time you spent with us. It was such a pleasurable experience planning and picking out all of the items for our new house. 

 You had a great way of guiding us through the process and helping to give us confidence in our selections, making it feel like my own.  My husband was dreading it but even he “enjoyed” it.   Although Enjoy might be a little strong, haha.

It was great spending time with you and you never made us feel like we were difficult even though we may have been. 

Thanks again,
The ‘T’ Family 

We have to admit: We love hearing that our homeowners are “enjoying” the journey to their new home. Thanks for the kind words — they’re what makes us want to be the best builder possible.

You can see more of our designs here.

New Home Upgrades: Getting the Most Bang for Your Buck

One of the most exciting parts of the building process is getting to pick out the stuff that makes your home uniquely yours. You know: It’s the cabinet and tile combo you loved in the design center or the fixtures you have to have in your bathroom. But when you’re choosing your finishes, remember that upgrades can definitely make your house more tailored to your needs and increase your resale value.

Whether you have some credits to spend or you’re willing to invest a little more into your home, here are your best bets for upgrades in your home.


Not only are cabinets one of the more difficult components in your home to change, they can really increase your home value. Upgrading to something you truly love can also make the most-used room in your home even more livable for your family’s unique needs. Pick something that you know you’ll love forever.


If you’re totally in love with the wood flooring, go ahead and have it installed. Another big renovation for the future, it’s best to get what you want now. What’s more, flooring is one of those home component that makes a big difference in your satisfaction later: If you totally hate carpet, going for the hardwood will make you much happier in the long run.


Don’t scrimp on the fixtures around your home. Doorknobs and faucets may seem like a tiny thing, but when they’re in use constantly, little things can drive you insane. Instead, go for the fixtures that are both functional and beautiful.

One Splurge

Once you’ve chosen your home features (both standard and upgraded), treat yourself to just one big splurge. Whether it’s the huge range you’ll use to make your famous omelet, or a gorgeous feature fireplace for family gatherings, one splurge can go a long way in leaving your personal signature on your new home. Enjoy!