New Home Upgrades: Getting the Most Bang for Your Buck

One of the most exciting parts of the building process is getting to pick out the stuff that makes your home uniquely yours. You know: It’s the cabinet and tile combo you loved in the design center or the fixtures you have to have in your bathroom. But when you’re choosing your finishes, remember that upgrades can definitely make your house more tailored to your needs and increase your resale value.

Whether you have some credits to spend or you’re willing to invest a little more into your home, here are your best bets for upgrades in your home.


Not only are cabinets one of the more difficult components in your home to change, they can really increase your home value. Upgrading to something you truly love can also make the most-used room in your home even more livable for your family’s unique needs. Pick something that you know you’ll love forever.


If you’re totally in love with the wood flooring, go ahead and have it installed. Another big renovation for the future, it’s best to get what you want now. What’s more, flooring is one of those home component that makes a big difference in your satisfaction later: If you totally hate carpet, going for the hardwood will make you much happier in the long run.


Don’t scrimp on the fixtures around your home. Doorknobs and faucets may seem like a tiny thing, but when they’re in use constantly, little things can drive you insane. Instead, go for the fixtures that are both functional and beautiful.

One Splurge

Once you’ve chosen your home features (both standard and upgraded), treat yourself to just one big splurge. Whether it’s the huge range you’ll use to make your famous omelet, or a gorgeous feature fireplace for family gatherings, one splurge can go a long way in leaving your personal signature on your new home. Enjoy!


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