Arive Mailbox: The Interior Design Process

We strive to make every step of the new construction process simple, streamlined and stress-free for our homeowners — but we also want them to have fun! Check out these sweet words that some homeowners had for our interior designer:

Thank you for all of the time you spent with us. It was such a pleasurable experience planning and picking out all of the items for our new house. 

 You had a great way of guiding us through the process and helping to give us confidence in our selections, making it feel like my own.  My husband was dreading it but even he “enjoyed” it.   Although Enjoy might be a little strong, haha.

It was great spending time with you and you never made us feel like we were difficult even though we may have been. 

Thanks again,
The ‘T’ Family 

We have to admit: We love hearing that our homeowners are “enjoying” the journey to their new home. Thanks for the kind words — they’re what makes us want to be the best builder possible.

You can see more of our designs here.


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