Top 5 Resources for New Construction

What was the name of that paint you bought? Remember that room layout you saw online? Hey, we’ve had our share of late nights searching, finding and then trying to remember interior ideas, home design tips, favorite floor plans and supply purchases.

So, what’s a homeowner to do? Never fear: You might be stuck for ideas or forget your fave paint color, but we have you covered. Check out these websites and apps to make the home building process easier.

Houzz (Site and App)

Have you ever checked out Houzz? It’s the Web’s largest database of design ideas. Consider it Pinterest for homeowners: You can browse through pictures based on style and room and then save your faves to your profile. Then, when you meet with our designers, you’re prepped with some ideas and inspiration.

The Utah Valley Parade of Homes Website

If you were part of the amazing UV Parade this year, you know there were tons of ideas to be had. And, in case you didn’t take pictures, you can look up all the entries on the UV Parade website for instant recall.

Apartment Therapy

Sure, it’s a site about New York-style apartment living, but this site has tons of brilliant solutions for smaller spaces, organization and design. We love their hacks for every day objects and simple ways to streamline your stuff.


If you can’t remember what you bought or need to keep receipts for home-related purchases, download the ShoeBoxed app, available for iOS and Android. You can scan your receipts and it’ll save your information, the names of the products and running totals of what you’ve spent.

The Arive Website

Of course we have to mention our own site. There, you’ll find ideas for home layouts and customizations, as well as walk-throughs for some of our most popular models.

Getting organized can go a long way in making the building process as stress-free as possible. And we’re just as excited about your design ideas and inspiration as you are, so we can’t wait to work with you – loose receipts, paint colors and all.


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