Back to School Organization Tips

If your kids are like ours, they zipped up their backpacks, tied their new shoes and headed off to their first day of school today. And while we don’t mind the quiet that has taken over our summer-ravaged houses, we DO mind the mess that can come along with daily school grind. 

Of course, a well-organized home (and a professional housekeeper/nanny) would help, but for now, we’re on the hunt for ways to cut down on clutter while streamlining the morning routine – if only for the first week of school. Here are some excellent ways to keep busy (and get a head start on organization) until your little ones head home: 

Create a Homework Caddy (cut down on pencil shavings in the dining room and hearing “MOM! Where are my markers?!”)

Assemble Post-School Snacks (because we all know kids come home starving).

Store All of Those Papers That Come Home in Homework Folders (and don’t feel guilty that they aren’t all displayed on the fridge).

Make These Simple Hanger Dividers (Goodbye, morning meltdowns!)

Save on Those Pricey School Supplies (because you probably have six boxes of crayons, anyway). 

Now quick! Organize while your kids are playing kickball and brushing up on their multiplication tables. Because before you know it, your home will be alive with noise and shouts of “I’m hungry!” in no time.

(And don’t forget to check out our kid-friendly home designs here). 


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