Benefits of New Development in Your Community

We totally get when city and town residents have trepidation toward new development: It means change, new people and things will probably get a little dusty. But while you might have a few concerns about new real estate development where you live, it’s ultimately an awesome thing for the community on the whole. By driving growth and revenue to your town, new development means a better city for everyone. Here are some of the other benefits you can expect:

1) Job Growth

New real estate development often means job opportunities for people right in your own backyard. Home construction companies require contractors and sub-contractors and often hire from a pool of professionals who know the area best: Your neighbors. 

2) Recreational Facilities

Cities and towns often require that new developers include recreational facilities as part of their urban planning, which means current residents reap the benefits of new parks and facilities. 

3) Community Funding and Revenue

Developers pay taxes and impact fees to develop in a particular city, and those funds go toward everything from mitigating utility costs to paying for community programs. 

4) More Efficient Properties

The efficiency guidelines developers use to build new neighborhoods today are vastly different from the guidelines from 20 and even 10 years ago. Housing is much more green and efficient now, thanks to regulations for building materials. Everyone benefits from cleaner, more efficient housing. 

5) New Amenities

From better biking paths to more cultivated green space, these are just some of the amenities you can often expect with new development. Developers are working to create communities — not just neighborhoods, which often means amenities that the whole town can enjoy.

Change can be hard, but we know that the right developer paired with awesome homeowners mean that new development can make your town a better, more unified place. 


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