Moving? 4 Super Simple Tips to Make Life Easier

If you’ve purchased a new home, you’re definitely excited to make the move. Of course, in order to start making memories in your new abode, the stress of moving becomes your first order of business. And while sorting through old sports equipment, food storage and attics isn’t exactly a walk in the park, you can make moving way easier if you follow these four quick and simple tips.

1. Make an Inventory

A stress-free move means starting anywhere from 30 to 60 days in advance. Your first order of business should be to take a general inventory of each room in your home. Detail large items as well as storage for smaller items and prioritize each based on how early you can pack them up. Stuff you don’t need right now can be boxed up well in advance, while daily use items might have to wait until your moving day is closer. 

2. Number Your Boxes

Always mark where each moving box should go in your new house, but once your stuff is safely boxed up, grab a Sharpie and number them before they’re loaded into the truck. That way, you can easily see if a box has been misplaced en route to your new home. 

3. Use Clear Bins for First Use

The stuff you’ll need right away in your new place? Pack that stuff in clear bins so you can quickly see where your toiletries, kitchen utensils and other items that you’ll need access to as soon as you walk through the door. It’ll save precious time (and frustration) if you don’t have to dig through a million cardboard boxes. 

4. Make a Moving Day Kit

Ready for the big day? Make sure you make life easier by making up a moving day kit to keep with you. It should contain stuff like a change of clothes, first-night toiletries, a marker, packing tape, basic tools, light bulbs and cleaning supplies so you can limit trips to the store or back to your old place when it’s time to make your move. 

Moving can definitely be stressful, but think about the rewards! A brand-new home and a place to settle down: That’s worth a couple of days of chaos. Get in control of your moving day and it’ll be done before you know it. 

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