Getting Ready for Fall

Even if the temps don’t act like it, there’s no denying that fall is definitely on its way. We’re looking forward to autumn coolers, cooler weather and the holiday season. And, with all the fall hustle and bustle approaching, now is the perfect time to prep your home for colder weather and the changing of the seasons. Here’s how:

  • Clean out your gutters. A summer’s worth of fallen leaves, dirt and debris can obscure your gutters, which you’ll definitely need to be fully functional during the fall and winter months. Luckily, it’s an easy job with a ladder and some elbow grease.
  • Check your foundation. You do not want to mess with your foundation in the winter, so now’s the time to do a once-over from the inside to check for cracks. This is also a great time to check your window casings to ensure they’re tight and will keep the cold out.
  • Tune up Your Furnace. A little maintenance can go a long way in keeping your home toasty all winter long. Change out your furnace filters and, if necessary, call your furnace guy for a quick tune up to make sure everything is working properly.

They’re small ways to prep for colder weather, but can make all the difference in your comfort level come fall. Take advantage of the warmer temps now and you’ll be cozy come winter.


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