How to: Choose the Right House Plan

We get it: With all of the options, opinions and ideas available (both solicited and unsolicited) it can be overwhelming when it’s finally time to choose your home plan. And we don’t make it easier – we have an entire catalog of family-friendly, spacious plans available for you to choose from. So, where do you start?

  1. Think about your family. Obviously, your family is priority number one when it comes to designing your home. You’ll need to consider how your family interacts: Do you spend most of your time in the kitchen? Do your older kids value your privacy? Does anyone have any limitations? These will all affect your final decision.
  2. Peruse magazines and websites. Look around for inspiration, remembering that your finished product will likely be different. Instead of falling in love with a home you saw in a magazine, pick out the factors that really stand out to you, like a large front porch or a masterful master bath. You can then discuss those elements with our designer to incorporate them into your plans.
  3. Visit models. We have several model homes where you can walk through the exact plan you’re considering. This gives you a better feel of the flow of the home, something that can be hard to read from a plan alone. We encourage you to take your time and visit as many model homes as possible.

Choosing a home plan will color the rest of your building experience, so it’s important to consider the decision from all angles. Luckily, we’re sure we can customize a plan that’s perfect for you and your family. Most importantly, have fun with the process: This is your dream home, and we’ll do whatever it takes for you to have exactly what you want.


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