5 Super Simple Fall Decor Ideas

Is it just us, or does the changing of the seasons make you antsy for fall decor too? We’re ready to banish spring showers and summer flowers for something a little more autumnal. If you’re getting the decor bug too, here are some of our favorite simple ways to add a little fall style to your home.





We love the simplicity of these Pottery Barn lanterns — you can find replicas just about anywhere. Ditch the candles and replace them with gourds for fall flair.




Why did we think of that? Stenciling letters on small pumpkins is completely genius and super fast (here).





We love decor that is easy and cheap, so what’s better than a vase filled with layered dried beans? (here) Add a candle and you’re good to go.



Maybe it’s just the builder in us, but drilled-hole pumpkins? We’ll do anything to use power tools. (here)


Adding some depth can make even the most standard decor look out of the ordinary. Stack pumpkins on cake stands and candle holders to make a statement. (here)

Hopefully that’s enough to get your creative juices going. Just seeing decor ideas has us craving cider and pumpkin pie. Try some of these to decorate for fall and you might be experiencing the same thing.





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