Common Homeowner Regrets (and How to Avoid Them)

When working with homeowners, we’ve spent a lot of time with families who are building a second and third time. After having less-than-satisfactory experiences with other builders, they come to us asking “What went wrong?”

The truth us that no matter which builder you choose, if you’re working without extreme attention detail, you’re going to have regrets. That’s why we focus so heavily on the individual family: No two are alike, so needs and preferences change accordingly.

After years of experience, it’s pretty easy to predict areas of disappointment for homeowners, so we get it right the first time: No regrets! Here are some of the most common areas homeowners wish they would have focused on the first time around.

1. Storage Solutions


Closets and cabinets don’t seem that important – until you sacrifice them for more living space and have nowhere to put your towels. Adequate storage is a must: You’ll thank us later.

2. Accessibility 


Sure, your kitchen layout might look great, but your sink, appliances and cupboards should be accessible. If you end up carrying clean plates across the room from the dishwasher, you’ll end up annoyed. Make sure everything is in its right place (our designer can help with that).

3. Flooring and Counters 


Because they’re supporting characters in your home, it’s easy to try and skimp on flooring and cabinets. But we promise that nothing will be used more in your home, so choose quality first.

4. Multipurpose Rooms


You might dream of a craft room, but not be all that crafty. Make sure each room lives up to its full potential. A laundry/craft room might be way more appropriate.

5. Upgrades Throughout


Every family is different, so don’t get stuck on the idea of upgrading areas which you might not use. Choose those based on how your family lives: Are you more likely to hang out in the kitchen? Is a grand master bath your oasis? Use upgrades to personalize, not to keep up with Joneses.

Working with a qualified designer and homebuilder can definitely steer you away from post-construction regrets, so make sure you’re working with the best for complete satisfaction.

Check out our regret-free home designs here.


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