4 Holiday Decor Trends to Dress Your Nest

It’s December, which means the holiday season is officially upon us. And while your neighbors might have spruced up their homes days ago, we totally understand if you’re still dragging your feet on decorating the tree just yet.

If inspiration is your issue, why not dress your nest with one of these 2014 decor trends? Simple, sweet and even better, they should be easy to take down when Dec. 31st rolls around. Happy decorating!

Marquee Vintage


Marquee letters are hot this year, and you can snag them at a variety of price points. Grab a few to spell out a cheery word and brighten up your home.

Outdoors In

DIY with the Sweetest Occasion

Are you a hardcore DIYer? Then you’ll love the trend of bringing the outside in this year: Branches, pine cones and just about anything else can be wrapped in twine or dipped in glitter for (cheap) holiday flair.

Rustic Glam


Who knew that rustic decor could be so chic? This year, it’s all about making rustic items glamorous, courtesy of luxe metallics and glitter.

Candy Coated


If you’re a kid at heart, you might be more inclined to decorate with everyone’s favorite: Candy! Swap out silver and gold for red, pink and green. The best part? Your decorations are totally edible.



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