5 Ways to Use Your Loft Space

Did you know that several of our home plans include a loft space? For a growing family, the loft makes up priceless space that you – even if you don’t it need yet – can grow into over time. Don’t forget that a loft space is also an awesome design feature that’ll pump up the value of your home. Like the idea of a loft but not sure what to do with it? Think about some of these ways to make the most of your bonus space.


1. A Play Room

This one’s kind of a no brainer: If you have kids, a loft makes a great designated play and toy area. Hey, you don’t want those toys dragged all around the house, right? Having an open, airy and organized play room means your kids actually want to be there. And, since the loft is on the second floor, the toy mess is out of sight and out of mind (especially when you have visitors).

2. A Gaming Space

Have some game-obsessed teens (or a game-obsessed husband?) A loft is the perfect spot to hook up gaming systems, set out comfy seating and let your gamer play without being disturbed – and where your dinner isn’t interrupted by the sounds of digital explosions.


3. Home Gym

If one of your New Year’s resolutions is to get into better shape, your loft can be the perfect home gym space. Not some dark basement, outfitting your loft with a few key pieces of gym equipment (think an elliptical machine and some free weights) means you’ll have everything you need without having to head to your local fitness center.

4. Craft Area

Are you crazy for crafting? You know how your supplies can slowly start taking over your house: A few glue guns here and some scrapbooking paper there. By setting your loft up as a craft area, you can add tons of storage space, along with work surfaces that keep your supplies all in one place.

5. Home Theater

The high ceilings and bonus space of a loft make it the perfect place for you to watch your favorite family flicks. You don’t need a huge in-home theater: Just a room where your equipment and tons of seating makes it the ideal gathering place for watching movies with your friends and family. Genius!

What would you use your loft space for?


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