How to: Sell Your Home During the Winter

If you’re planning on building a new home with Arive, your first step will be prepping your old place for a sale. And unfortunately, if you’re trying to sell during the cold and dark winter months, you might find that your property doesn’t always look its best. But don’t worry! With a few extra steps for staging during winter, you can still make sure your existing home shines through for the perfect buyer.

Step One: Create a “Drop Zone”

When prospective buyers come to your home, they’ll probably have puffy jackets and snow-covered boots. Highlight your home’s storage features and convenience by creating a “drop zone” near the front door with shoe racks and hooks for coats. That way, buyers can come in and stay awhile without tracking snow around your home.

Step Two: Light a Fire

If you have a fireplace, use it! There’s nothing quite as inviting as a warm fire in a home, and showing off your fireplace will be a major selling feature for buyers. If you have a gas fireplace, you can instruct your real estate agent on how to turn it on and off. If your fireplace is a wood-burning model, you may want to stick around to tend the fire or ensure that your agent can put it out when he or she leaves.

Step Three: Keep Decor Conservative

Leaving up your seasonal decor? It’s no big deal. Just follow a few guidelines for your holiday cheer: Make sure that it’s on the conservative side (think a wreath and some candles, not a huge tree or kitschy decorations) and remove some of the furniture in decorated rooms. Holiday decor can make rooms look cluttered, so you might have to store a few side tables to ensure your home looks its best.

Step Four: Pay Attention to Windows

The colder winter months also mean shorter days, so there’s a good chance buyers will be seeing your home in the dark. Dirty, smudged windows definitely show up in interior lighting, so make sure they sparkle before showing your home. You should also open all blinds and shutters to let as much light in as possible and show off your home’s natural lighting.

Step Five: Bake or Leave a Treat

Visitors are coming in from the cold, so baking a treat in the oven (or just warming up some cookies) can have a double effect. Your agent can serve them up as a treat with hot cocoa for cold fingers, but they’ll also give your home a warm and inviting aroma – perfect for a winter showing.


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