What Your Favorite Home Style Says About You

One of the coolest parts of the home building process is getting to see homeowners put their own personal stamp on whatever plan they choose. We offer a number of different plans and styles, but it’s the family that really makes the home unique.

This got us thinking: What does a home style say about the family within? More than just a personal preference, your home style might give a little insight as to what goes on behind that front door.

Check out some of the most popular styles and what they could be saying about you!




Homeowners who choose rambler-style homes are probably casual and low-key. They aren’t looking to be the biggest or most impressive home on the block, because the family inside is more important than impressing the neighbors.




If the idea of the white picket fence appeals to you, you’re probably pretty sensible and classic. You prefer things in their places, but don’t mind when a noisy family kicks up a little dust.



A popular choice, if the craftsman style appeals to you, you’re probably the kind of person who keeps up on trends. People might describe you as “hip” and you definitely have a creative streak.



Hunting, anyone? When you love timber-framed or rustic homes, you probably love nature and the outdoors. Best for an active family, you want a house that can stand up to some rough edges at times.




You love clean lines, beautiful furnishings and bright, airy colors. You’re probably less traditional and are always paging through interior design mags. Your home is your castle, so you love sprucing it up and showing off, so it’s lucky that you’re social and open-minded.

So, what do you think? Accurate or not? Choosing the plan that fits your family and lifestyle means you’ll end up with one that is beautiful, functional and above all: Home.


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