How to: Define Spaces in an Open Concept Home

We love open concept homes: They’re bright, inviting, and offer tons of space. But they can come with one drawback, and that’s when it comes to defining spaces. After all, if your dining room, great room, and kitchen are all technically one big room, you might struggle with defining each. Luckily, we have some design hacks that make it super easy to easily create defined, yet open, spaces in your home.

Use Your Furniture

unnamed (27)

If you’re worried about creating flow from your great room into your kitchen, try using your furniture as pseudo-walls. They’re much softer than putting up actual walls and screens, but a well-placed sofa table can clearly denote the difference between great room and a hall or dining room.

Add an Area Rug

unnamed (26)

Area rugs are an inexpensive way to warm up your home decor while defining your spaces. A colorful rug placed under your dining room table can make all the difference, particularly if your dining room is in essentially in the same room as your kitchen.

Use Overhead Elements

unnamed (25)

An oft-forgotten way to define floor space might actually be up in the air: Using pendant lighting and chandeliers can help show one part of the home as formal dining area versus a more casual breakfast nook. Be thoughtful about the type and location of your overhead lighting to really make each space pop.

Change the Flooring

unnamed (24)

A change in flooring is a clear sign that one space is flowing into another. Having tile in the kitchen and beautiful hardwood or carpeting in your living area is a great way to break up the space without making your open concept home plan feel choppy or disjointed.

Open concepts are definitely the way of the future, as families simply live their lives together. What can we say? We definitely approve. By using clever design to define each space, you can have the best of both worlds: An open concept and great interior design.


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