Common Bathroom Blunders to Avoid When Designing Your Home

We always say that the kitchen is the real heart of the home, but anyone who has survived with a less-than-functional bathroom can tell you that it can make all the difference in quality of life. Whether it’s too small, too big, lacks the components you want, or just has poor design overall, a bad bathroom can completely sour your morning. That’s why we work with our designers to create bathrooms that are as functional as they are beautiful. They know that you should always avoid these common bathroom blunders.

Skipping the Windows

You might think that going windowless means more privacy, but it can also mean a less functional bathroom. After all, natural light is ideal in bathrooms, which can sometimes feel dark and small. A few well-placed windows can give you the privacy you crave, but still let in the light.

A Bad Sightline

You never want the toilet to be the main feature of a bathroom, but it’s the first thing you see all too often in poorly-designed bathrooms. Make sure your designer tucks the toilet out of sight, whether it’s in a small room or behind a wall, so it’s not the first place your eyes go when you enter the bathroom.

Going Too Big

There can definitely be too much of a good thing when it comes to designing a bathroom. Bigger isn’t always better, especially because bathrooms are one of the more expensive parts of your home. Rather than focusing on square footage, focus on design: Talk to your designer about must-haves and make sure all the components fit in a way that makes sense to you, regardless of size.

Not Planning Ahead

Hey, you won’t be a spring chicken forever. That deep spa tub might be great for now, but if you’re planning on your “forever home,” you’ll need to plan for the future and ensure that your bathroom is as accessible in 30 years as it is right now. A separate tub and shower, for instance, can be a great compromise between the you of today, and the you of tomorrow.

Your kitchen might be the heart of your home, but the bathroom makes the most difference when it comes to livability. Make sure yours is designed perfectly for you – click here to get started on the ideal bathroom and home for your family.


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