Why Your Home Designer Says “No”

While we definitely try and accommodate all of our homeowners, in an age of Pinterest and Houzz, sometimes an item on your wishlist simply isn’t feasible. Luckily, you’ll be working with a team of designers to create your dream home – inside and out – and you’ll have a combined 30 years of experience in your corner.

Occasionally, your designer might have to tell you “no” during the process, but we promise it’s for a  good reason! It’s why we work from a catalog of gorgeous home plans: They’re a jumping-off point for your own customized, safe, and happy home. Understanding why you might not be able to get everything you ask for is key to working with a qualified, experienced designer who is committed to building the best home possible.

1. It’s Against Code

Each city in Utah has a unique set of building codes by which any owner has to abide. Those codes govern everything from the color of your exterior to the size of house, where it sits on your lot, and the various components inside. Sometimes, a designer can’t give you certain features simply because it’s against what the city dictates.

2. It’s Not Applicable

If you saw a house that you love, but it’s on the Eastern seaboard, you should know that it’s a house built specifically for the climate and building codes there. If you don’t need a specific type of siding because of Utah’s climate, your designer will definitely let you know.

3. It’s Over Budget

A good designer always keeps your budget in mind, and certain features can push your budget higher. He or she might not be giving you an enormous fireplace simply because your budget doesn’t allow. Of course, you can always re-prioritize your budget to allow for upgrades and features, and your designer should be happy to accommodate the changes.

4. There’s a Better Solution

A designer has years of experience, so when you suggest a feature, material, or layout, he or she might be better able to give you what you want with your budget and for your family. After all, with years of designing homes specifically for families, your designer will have learned a thing or two about making sure your home is perfect for you – not for someone you found online.

Trust your designer and you’ll be able to cultivate a relationship that helps you get exactly what you want in the most economical, convenient, and stylish way.

Happy designing!


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