4 Ways to Prep Your Landscaping When it’s Cold

Baby, it’s cold outside! Okay, it’s not too bad for a Utah winter, but cooler temps still leave us itching to get outside, plant flowers, mow the lawn, and do all that stuff that gives our homes major curb appeal. And while it might still be a little too cold to actually get planting, there’s no reason to swear off landscaping until May. Start now, and by the time April showers bring May flowers, you’ll be ready for them.

1. Make Some Plans

If it’s warm enough, head outside and take a survey of your property. What items need to be done this year? Are there landscaping repairs that need to be done? Checking out your grass, garden, and property can help you prep a budget and make plans for the spring.

2. Clear the Beds

The fall and winter have a way of clogging your gardens with twigs, leaves, and other debris, and the perfect time to clear is now. Clearing before shrubbery and flowers start to grow makes it easier to rake, pull, and otherwise prep your beds for planting in the spring. Of course, it doesn’t hurt that clearing out your beds makes your landscaping look better, too,

3. Trim Shrubs

Over the winter, your bushes and shrubs probably have grown a few inches. Now is the perfect time to bust out the garden shears and trim your shrubs back in preparation for the inevitable growth spurt come March and April. Tidy up your shrubs and you’ll be ready for sunnier days ahead.

4. Get Organized

After a few months of being in “survival mode,” your shed and garage are probably looking a little worse for the wear. Spring landscaping will be here before you know it, so get organized: Rotate out the snow shovels and snow blowers and replace them with rakes, your lawn mower, and gardening tools.


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