4 Tips for Making Sure Your Home Stays on Budget

You have a budget; you want to stick to that budget. But if hours on Pitnerest have you dreaming about a palatial closet and gold-plated faucets, your budget might be seen as a hindrance instead of a help. But we know that homeowners who operate within a comfortable budget are the happiest, so here are a few ways that you can stick to yours while building.

1. Identify Your Key Costs

Where are you going to spend the most money? Think about it like packing a cooler for a picnic: You put in the biggest items first, and then fill in the little stuff. By planning out the big-ticket items, you get a clearer picture of what’s left over for the smaller items on your wish list.

2. Find Wiggle Room

Building a house might be mostly about living out your dreams, but it’s also about compromise. Maybe you love the idea of an enormous closet, but are willing to downsize in order to get the finishes that you want. Find where you’re willing to negotiate with yourself, and you’ll find some wiggle room for your budget.

3. Choose One Splurge

Hey, there’s no reason that a budget has to totally rain on your parade. We recommend choosing one splurge that will make your house completely yours. Maybe it’s a professional range or a beautifully tiled walk-in shower. Identify the one thing that you know will make you fall in love with your house, and you might not notice some of the things on which you had to compromise.

4. Keep Your End Goals in Sight

Why are you building a home? Independence? More space? The perfect place for your family to gather? Whatever the end goal you have for your home, chances are that going over budget isn’t going to make or break those goals. In fact, sometimes spending more than you should could put those goals even further out of reach. By keeping those goals in mind while you spend, you gain perspective and have an easier time staying within budget.

Happy building!


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