Stay or Go? Deciding Whether You Should Renovate or Build a New House

There are pros and cons to both renovating your existing home and starting from scratch with a new build. And, even as home builders, we can admit that sometimes, renovating your abode is a better choice. The real challenge is deciding whether you can get the home for you with renovations, or if it’s time for something new. Here are some things to consider:

You Should Renovate If…

  • You completely love your neighborhood and there aren’t any new building lots available for sale.
  • You’re emotionally attached to your home and would feel a sense of loss if you were to sell.
  • Your home isn’t really at peak sale price, due to repairs, market conditions, and nearby home values.

You Should Build If…

  • Your home’s design no longer works for your family, and cannot be altered to make extra room or better functionality.
  • You are dying to live in a specific neighborhood, and there are plenty of lots for sale.
  • The cost of remodeling your home won’t be commensurate with the eventual value, or the cost of renovations would be more expensive than simply building a new home when added to your existing mortgage.

You definitely have a few things to consider if you’re noticing that your home needs an upgrade. Sometimes, those upgrades can take place with paint and some renovations, but other times, it may make better sense to start new and get the exact home you want from day one. We’d love to help you with that, so start paging through our current designs to see if there’s a plan that would suit your family’s needs.


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