4 Ways to Save Money on Your Dream Kitchen

Most of our homeowners spend a pretty healthy chunk of their budget in the kitchen. And why not? It’s the most functional room in the house and the one most likely to house an entire family all at once. But you don’t have to blow your entire budget on your dream kitchen – instead, score it on the cheap! Here’s how:

1. Mix Materials

Dreaming of an all-marble kitchen but without the marble prices? Luckily, mixing kitchen countertop materials is a hot design trend, so you can get the look for less by using marble for your smaller, perimeter counters, and then choosing a more budget-friendly material (in a complementary tone, of course) on larger portions of counter, like the island.

2. Think Open Shelving

Cabinets are pricey, so think about adding some open shelves to your kitchen design. They’re much cheaper, and give your kitchen a brighter, airier feel. Added bonus? They give you the perfect place to display your grandma’s fine china as a design element.

3. Consider Island Options

Your kitchen island can be one of the most expensive pieces in the entire room. Think beyond the traditional, cabinet-heavy island. Going for an open butcher block or shelving-based island might bring down costs without sacrificing design or functionality in the final product.

4. Get What Your Want… Now

Our single best piece of advice to new homeowners? Get the kitchen you want now. While it might be tempting to skimp on materials and design to drive the price down, if it means a pricey future kitchen renovation down the road, you could end up regretting that choice. Instead, we suggest finding ways to get the look you want for less, and starting with the kitchen of your dreams from day one to save the cost and headache a reno will bring.


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