5 Reasons to Use an Interior Designer

When any of our homeowners starts the building process, one of the first things they do is meet with one of our interior designers. Why do we structure the buying process that way? Because we know that having an interior designer is one of the things that makes working with Arive as stress-free as possible. Here are some other great reasons to use an interior designer when building your home.

1. Wholesale Hookups 

Interior designers have access to wholesale decor, materials, and supplies to make your home look perfectly unique. Some showrooms and manufacturers only sell to interior designers, so you’ll need to work with one to gain access to the best stuff at the best prices.

2. Less Stress

You know what you want your home to feel like, but not how to accomplish that tone. Enter the interior designer: The expert on helping you make those key decisions on everything from paint color to counter top material. What stress?

3. Mediation

The husband loves contemporary spaces, while the wife prefers a more traditional look. That’s why an interior designer is a must-have through the process. The designer acts as a mediator between husband and wife, seamlessly blending both of their personal styles into a totally harmonious look.

4. Making the Most of a Space

Nowadays, most homes are designed with family life in mind. A kitchen is never just a kitchen: It can be a gathering space, entertaining area, and dining room. Interior designers help you make the most out of every nook and cranny in your home so it’s as functional as possible.

5. Staying on Budget

Staying on budget can be a common homeowner complaint, but when you have an interior designer on your side, it’s much easier to stay on track. When your designer knows how much you want to spend, he or she can show you the best options for your bucks.


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