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What Your Favorite Home Style Says About You

One of the coolest parts of the home building process is getting to see homeowners put their own personal stamp on whatever plan they choose. We offer a number of different plans and styles, but it’s the family that really makes the home unique.

This got us thinking: What does a home style say about the family within? More than just a personal preference, your home style might give a little insight as to what goes on behind that front door.

Check out some of the most popular styles and what they could be saying about you!




Homeowners who choose rambler-style homes are probably casual and low-key. They aren’t looking to be the biggest or most impressive home on the block, because the family inside is more important than impressing the neighbors.




If the idea of the white picket fence appeals to you, you’re probably pretty sensible and classic. You prefer things in their places, but don’t mind when a noisy family kicks up a little dust.



A popular choice, if the craftsman style appeals to you, you’re probably the kind of person who keeps up on trends. People might describe you as “hip” and you definitely have a creative streak.



Hunting, anyone? When you love timber-framed or rustic homes, you probably love nature and the outdoors. Best for an active family, you want a house that can stand up to some rough edges at times.




You love clean lines, beautiful furnishings and bright, airy colors. You’re probably less traditional and are always paging through interior design mags. Your home is your castle, so you love sprucing it up and showing off, so it’s lucky that you’re social and open-minded.

So, what do you think? Accurate or not? Choosing the plan that fits your family and lifestyle means you’ll end up with one that is beautiful, functional and above all: Home.


Video Tour!

Amazing homes,  inventive design and beautiful neighborhoods. What more could you want from a builder? Check out this bird’s eye view of one of our latest projects.


Arive Homes Virtual Utah Valley Parade of Homes Tour

We know that not everyone can make it out to see our award-winning entry in the 2014 Utah Valley Parade of Homes this week, but don’t worry! The Parade Facebook page has posted an amazing virtual tour with all of the details and pictures.

Click here to see the amazing home (the McKinley, designed by our own Justin Curtis), with showstopping interior design (by our in-house interior designer Kelly Heaps).


While visiting the Parade home a few days ago, we overheard a young couple talking about how they could imagine gathering for a holiday dinner around the table, or getting their kids ready for school in the bright mudroom.

To builders like us, the best compliment isn’t receiving an award for our work – it’s hearing that real families can see themselves living and making memories in our homes.

Take a peek and see if you can see yourself there, too.

Arive @ the Utah Valley Parade of Homes

We were lucky enough to be featured in the 2014 Utah Valley Parade of Homes and the experience has been amazing. We know that not everyone can make it to Elk Ridge to see our McKinley model, so we thought we’d post a few pics – even though it’s way better in person.

Check out the exterior:


One of the (adorable) kids’ bedrooms.

The natural light in this mudroom is perfect.

1888851_243492132510822_2817945268598488625_o  The great room is open but still intimate. 10469143_243492042510831_8366962426570957911_o

And of course, the kitchen. We’ve had amazing feedback on the design and functionality here. mckkit


It’s been so fun to visit and talk with the thousands of people who come through the home as part of the Parade. It goes until the 21st, so grab your tickets and come say “Hi!”

You can get more info on this home here and purchase tickets for the Parade here.