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4 Holiday Decor Trends to Dress Your Nest

It’s December, which means the holiday season is officially upon us. And while your neighbors might have spruced up their homes days ago, we totally understand if you’re still dragging your feet on decorating the tree just yet.

If inspiration is your issue, why not dress your nest with one of these 2014 decor trends? Simple, sweet and even better, they should be easy to take down when Dec. 31st rolls around. Happy decorating!

Marquee Vintage


Marquee letters are hot this year, and you can snag them at a variety of price points. Grab a few to spell out a cheery word and brighten up your home.

Outdoors In

DIY with the Sweetest Occasion

Are you a hardcore DIYer? Then you’ll love the trend of bringing the outside in this year: Branches, pine cones and just about anything else can be wrapped in twine or dipped in glitter for (cheap) holiday flair.

Rustic Glam


Who knew that rustic decor could be so chic? This year, it’s all about making rustic items glamorous, courtesy of luxe metallics and glitter.

Candy Coated


If you’re a kid at heart, you might be more inclined to decorate with everyone’s favorite: Candy! Swap out silver and gold for red, pink and green. The best part? Your decorations are totally edible.



5 Sites for Awesome (Cheap) Home Decor

At Arive, we know that we build you a house: You and your family make it a home. That’s the reason we’re total home decor junkies. From the right wall clock to the perfect club chair, home decor completely sets the mood for your abode.

Of course, the caveat is that home decor can be seriously pricey. We’re always on the lookout for awesome, affordable furniture, wall decor and accents as the finishing touch to our designs. Here are some of the very best sites we’ve found for decor and design elements.

1. Joss & Main 

One of the only flash sale sites dedicated to home decor, we love Joss & Main because it’s impossible to get bored with the selection: It changes daily! From industrial rustic to French country, there are rugs, lamps and decor for any taste. Only problem? Trying to choose one.

2. Kirkland’s

We’ve missed Kirkland’s since it left University Mall in Orem, so we were happy to find that we could still get our fave decor fix online. Kirkland’s consistently offers excellent prices on unique home goods. Hint: Check out the sale section for amazing deals.

3. World Market 

If you’re the type of homeowner who wants their design to really stand out, check out World Market. It’s packed with fun goodies and elements that you won’t find at your neighborhood RC Willey. Always check for an online coupon code before you buy!

4. Cotton On

Yeah, Cotton On is a clothing store, but have you ever seen their home section? It has tons of fun, low-cost decor items, like lettering, marquee signs and even art. We love Cotton On for bringing a little personality into a room.

5. Zulily 

Another flash sale site, Zulily is geared toward young families. We’ve been especially impressed with the holiday selection this year, so pick up a wreath or tree decor here. Just pay attention to shipping times, since they vary.

Happy shopping, homeowners!

5 Super Simple Fall Decor Ideas

Is it just us, or does the changing of the seasons make you antsy for fall decor too? We’re ready to banish spring showers and summer flowers for something a little more autumnal. If you’re getting the decor bug too, here are some of our favorite simple ways to add a little fall style to your home.





We love the simplicity of these Pottery Barn lanterns — you can find replicas just about anywhere. Ditch the candles and replace them with gourds for fall flair.




Why did we think of that? Stenciling letters on small pumpkins is completely genius and super fast (here).





We love decor that is easy and cheap, so what’s better than a vase filled with layered dried beans? (here) Add a candle and you’re good to go.



Maybe it’s just the builder in us, but drilled-hole pumpkins? We’ll do anything to use power tools. (here)


Adding some depth can make even the most standard decor look out of the ordinary. Stack pumpkins on cake stands and candle holders to make a statement. (here)

Hopefully that’s enough to get your creative juices going. Just seeing decor ideas has us craving cider and pumpkin pie. Try some of these to decorate for fall and you might be experiencing the same thing.




Moving? 4 Super Simple Tips to Make Life Easier

If you’ve purchased a new home, you’re definitely excited to make the move. Of course, in order to start making memories in your new abode, the stress of moving becomes your first order of business. And while sorting through old sports equipment, food storage and attics isn’t exactly a walk in the park, you can make moving way easier if you follow these four quick and simple tips.

1. Make an Inventory

A stress-free move means starting anywhere from 30 to 60 days in advance. Your first order of business should be to take a general inventory of each room in your home. Detail large items as well as storage for smaller items and prioritize each based on how early you can pack them up. Stuff you don’t need right now can be boxed up well in advance, while daily use items might have to wait until your moving day is closer. 

2. Number Your Boxes

Always mark where each moving box should go in your new house, but once your stuff is safely boxed up, grab a Sharpie and number them before they’re loaded into the truck. That way, you can easily see if a box has been misplaced en route to your new home. 

3. Use Clear Bins for First Use

The stuff you’ll need right away in your new place? Pack that stuff in clear bins so you can quickly see where your toiletries, kitchen utensils and other items that you’ll need access to as soon as you walk through the door. It’ll save precious time (and frustration) if you don’t have to dig through a million cardboard boxes. 

4. Make a Moving Day Kit

Ready for the big day? Make sure you make life easier by making up a moving day kit to keep with you. It should contain stuff like a change of clothes, first-night toiletries, a marker, packing tape, basic tools, light bulbs and cleaning supplies so you can limit trips to the store or back to your old place when it’s time to make your move. 

Moving can definitely be stressful, but think about the rewards! A brand-new home and a place to settle down: That’s worth a couple of days of chaos. Get in control of your moving day and it’ll be done before you know it. 

Looking for a quick, hassle-free move in? Check out our current listings here.

Benefits of New Development in Your Community

We totally get when city and town residents have trepidation toward new development: It means change, new people and things will probably get a little dusty. But while you might have a few concerns about new real estate development where you live, it’s ultimately an awesome thing for the community on the whole. By driving growth and revenue to your town, new development means a better city for everyone. Here are some of the other benefits you can expect:

1) Job Growth

New real estate development often means job opportunities for people right in your own backyard. Home construction companies require contractors and sub-contractors and often hire from a pool of professionals who know the area best: Your neighbors. 

2) Recreational Facilities

Cities and towns often require that new developers include recreational facilities as part of their urban planning, which means current residents reap the benefits of new parks and facilities. 

3) Community Funding and Revenue

Developers pay taxes and impact fees to develop in a particular city, and those funds go toward everything from mitigating utility costs to paying for community programs. 

4) More Efficient Properties

The efficiency guidelines developers use to build new neighborhoods today are vastly different from the guidelines from 20 and even 10 years ago. Housing is much more green and efficient now, thanks to regulations for building materials. Everyone benefits from cleaner, more efficient housing. 

5) New Amenities

From better biking paths to more cultivated green space, these are just some of the amenities you can often expect with new development. Developers are working to create communities — not just neighborhoods, which often means amenities that the whole town can enjoy.

Change can be hard, but we know that the right developer paired with awesome homeowners mean that new development can make your town a better, more unified place. 

Top 5 Resources for New Construction

What was the name of that paint you bought? Remember that room layout you saw online? Hey, we’ve had our share of late nights searching, finding and then trying to remember interior ideas, home design tips, favorite floor plans and supply purchases.

So, what’s a homeowner to do? Never fear: You might be stuck for ideas or forget your fave paint color, but we have you covered. Check out these websites and apps to make the home building process easier.

Houzz (Site and App)

Have you ever checked out Houzz? It’s the Web’s largest database of design ideas. Consider it Pinterest for homeowners: You can browse through pictures based on style and room and then save your faves to your profile. Then, when you meet with our designers, you’re prepped with some ideas and inspiration.

The Utah Valley Parade of Homes Website

If you were part of the amazing UV Parade this year, you know there were tons of ideas to be had. And, in case you didn’t take pictures, you can look up all the entries on the UV Parade website for instant recall.

Apartment Therapy

Sure, it’s a site about New York-style apartment living, but this site has tons of brilliant solutions for smaller spaces, organization and design. We love their hacks for every day objects and simple ways to streamline your stuff.


If you can’t remember what you bought or need to keep receipts for home-related purchases, download the ShoeBoxed app, available for iOS and Android. You can scan your receipts and it’ll save your information, the names of the products and running totals of what you’ve spent.

The Arive Website

Of course we have to mention our own site. There, you’ll find ideas for home layouts and customizations, as well as walk-throughs for some of our most popular models.

Getting organized can go a long way in making the building process as stress-free as possible. And we’re just as excited about your design ideas and inspiration as you are, so we can’t wait to work with you – loose receipts, paint colors and all.

New Home Upgrades: Getting the Most Bang for Your Buck

One of the most exciting parts of the building process is getting to pick out the stuff that makes your home uniquely yours. You know: It’s the cabinet and tile combo you loved in the design center or the fixtures you have to have in your bathroom. But when you’re choosing your finishes, remember that upgrades can definitely make your house more tailored to your needs and increase your resale value.

Whether you have some credits to spend or you’re willing to invest a little more into your home, here are your best bets for upgrades in your home.


Not only are cabinets one of the more difficult components in your home to change, they can really increase your home value. Upgrading to something you truly love can also make the most-used room in your home even more livable for your family’s unique needs. Pick something that you know you’ll love forever.


If you’re totally in love with the wood flooring, go ahead and have it installed. Another big renovation for the future, it’s best to get what you want now. What’s more, flooring is one of those home component that makes a big difference in your satisfaction later: If you totally hate carpet, going for the hardwood will make you much happier in the long run.


Don’t scrimp on the fixtures around your home. Doorknobs and faucets may seem like a tiny thing, but when they’re in use constantly, little things can drive you insane. Instead, go for the fixtures that are both functional and beautiful.

One Splurge

Once you’ve chosen your home features (both standard and upgraded), treat yourself to just one big splurge. Whether it’s the huge range you’ll use to make your famous omelet, or a gorgeous feature fireplace for family gatherings, one splurge can go a long way in leaving your personal signature on your new home. Enjoy!